Jeromes Colliery

The old bonk at Jeromes Norton Canes was replaced by an automatic tippler. I think it was just before nationalisation
my Uncle, Jack Trawford was a mechanic at that time

​I have fond and sad memories of Jeromes as a boy, I remember my uncle Horiss Lote being a wynder there and going one Sunday to take his lunch, of course it was a no go area. But down in the boiler house, in my mind I can see the steam and sound of crickets.
​The sad memory I witnessed the last pit pony brought back up I was working at the M.E.B substation at the time of closure
I have great admiration for the old miners and donkeys


aer reg​

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The Village Barber

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The Sermons

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Grandma’s World

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Nan and Grandad

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Valiant Days

​Red poppies grow in a distant land,

A living memorial to a valiant band.​
​They gave their lives for folk like me
That all could live in a world so free
But did they give their all in vain
For this world is full of greed and gain?
Those wasted lives and lost youthful years
Are brought back each year with remembrance tears,

But what of tomorrow as the world goes on its way
Will we all say that was Sunday we must think of today,
Yes, we all must remember but should we forget
The hatred and strife that still linger there yet?
God gave us life to use as our will,
It was intended for love not bloodshed and ill.
From our first breath at birth until our life span is done
This is Gods gift taken away by man’s gun
So as we remember the valiant days
And sing our hymns of battle praise
Let’s pause for a while in this great lament
And ask ourselves: were lives really well spent?

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Alrewas Memorial

A golden column points to heaven above
Watching over memorials of love
Of soldiers, airmen, sailors and civilian life
All were taken by war time strife
Also are memories of tiny child
Now in the Lords arms, so meek and mild
Eyes scan each memorial spot
Seeking the name, never to be forgot
Folk stand in silence with personal thought
Of times in life when its pathway fraught
People pass each other like ships in the night
Each carrying the load of memorial plight
To the young just a memory, to the old, part of life’s plane
Uttering those words, “May it never happen again”
But if we don’t learn to live as one in this life
Those vacant walls will become part of life’s future world strife
There are planted memories of love ones past on
Perhaps a tear of happy days gone
These are the moments the Lord meant us to share
When after life’s span, entered his care
This is the way life’s gift was intended to be
Not taken away by war’s misery

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Surrey Vaults!


There’s a place in Bristol City

By the name of Surrey Vaults

A place where you can relax and refresh

With very good results

Lyndsey and Glenn welcome you

With sincere and happy smile

‘Sit down, relax, spend time with us for a while’

The Vaults has a feeling that all folk can enjoy

Have a chat, share a tale, memory

hours unfold

There is finest Ales sweetest wine

Food your chose to choose

Then a gentle stroll around Portland’s place

Its wedding cake church peruse

So if your world is full of haste

and you need that time of peace

just call in at the Surrey Vaults

An atmosphere no one can beat

Are Reg


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Remember as a Kid


Remember as a kid


Remember as a kid when you stood on a bridgehter see steam trerns goo by


When yo fastened string to a piece er stick ter meck a wood top fly


Did yer play football on back yard pitch ter goal post coal house wall


Played cricket with dustbin fer wickets un owt erd do fer a ball.


Gells played at shop with dock leaf meat un stoons fer Madeira cake


And then poured werter over dert and yer shoes with sludge was baked.


Rainbow caliyh sherbet dab liquorice stick ter suck


A penny in yer pocket yow thought yerself Lord Muck


Five jacks tip cat hide un seek hand ball up the wall


Skipping with a clothes line rope hop scotch a game fer all.


Yow alwiz had ter walk ter school summoned by the bell.


Off yo went and joined the gang with happy tales ter tell.


Sunday was still a Holy Day with Church and Sunday School


Both morn and afternoon yow went ter lern the Golden Rule


Yow touched yer hat with great respect when yer teacher yow did see


Un yer mind wor full of Hulk and Bionics fer yow was happy and carefree.


An errand was yer duty before yow went ter play


And yow listened to yer elders and let them have their say


Yow was greatful fer what yow wa given and never said ar wont.


Present time was Birthdays and Christmas and all babies went ter the font.


Pocket money was a privilege and paid on Friday night


Yow spent it on suck and day worry cus you never got in a sad plight


Yes yer life was carefree and happy cuz yow lived it as a kid


Un yow grew up with ode Mother Nature and cud look back at things that yow did


Ar wunder with today’s speed and science and television games to play


Whether they’ll look back when they are seventy and say our childhood was happy and gay. 


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