Remember as a Kid


Remember as a kid


Remember as a kid when you stood on a bridgehter see steam trerns goo by


When yo fastened string to a piece er stick ter meck a wood top fly


Did yer play football on back yard pitch ter goal post coal house wall


Played cricket with dustbin fer wickets un owt erd do fer a ball.


Gells played at shop with dock leaf meat un stoons fer Madeira cake


And then poured werter over dert and yer shoes with sludge was baked.


Rainbow caliyh sherbet dab liquorice stick ter suck


A penny in yer pocket yow thought yerself Lord Muck


Five jacks tip cat hide un seek hand ball up the wall


Skipping with a clothes line rope hop scotch a game fer all.


Yow alwiz had ter walk ter school summoned by the bell.


Off yo went and joined the gang with happy tales ter tell.


Sunday was still a Holy Day with Church and Sunday School


Both morn and afternoon yow went ter lern the Golden Rule


Yow touched yer hat with great respect when yer teacher yow did see


Un yer mind wor full of Hulk and Bionics fer yow was happy and carefree.


An errand was yer duty before yow went ter play


And yow listened to yer elders and let them have their say


Yow was greatful fer what yow wa given and never said ar wont.


Present time was Birthdays and Christmas and all babies went ter the font.


Pocket money was a privilege and paid on Friday night


Yow spent it on suck and day worry cus you never got in a sad plight


Yes yer life was carefree and happy cuz yow lived it as a kid


Un yow grew up with ode Mother Nature and cud look back at things that yow did


Ar wunder with today’s speed and science and television games to play


Whether they’ll look back when they are seventy and say our childhood was happy and gay. 


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Those Were The Nights

Those Were The Nights

On warm summer Sunday nights when I was a lad

I would walk an adventure with my Mom and Dad

Through farmers meadows over country stilesAdventures

The three of us would walk for many miles

Copse and Wood Canal water-ways


Ah yes to me those were happy days

God’s message heard songs and word of prayer

Then through his world his blessing share

Meeting people share time of day

Each one without hurry wandered their own chosen way

The paths are still there the stile-ways strong

But alas they are empty all the year long

We now have telly with ‘Songs Of Praise’

Mom Dad and children go separate ways

The sense of adventure is a different kind

No-one seems bothered natures wonder to find

They ride BMX. push computer key

Ravage with stick poor conker tree

How sad it is life now a race

Forcing each one to live its mad pace

I’m glad of my walk on Sunday night

The memories still linger with warmth and delight

Who knows then man lacks adventure to fill

He will turn once again for God’s gift to fulfil

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Family Life


family ;ife 2 Family life1

Family Life is something rare

A special gift that all should share

A bond created from above

The key of its success is heartfelt love

Time of happiness achievement despair

Family love should always be there

Love is to listen comfort advise

Welcome to the newborn’s new life’s arrival

Grief stricken times bring forth special love

When a member is called to the family above

Memories are shared when a visit is made

By the family member who has moved to new glade

When differences arise family love will abound

Talk out is problem a solution is found

There is nothing so treasured as a food table talk

Where all share their views where ere they may walk

Parents respected for their point of view

Given with wisdom of what they should do

Sometimes they are taken with a modern form way

Whatever the outcome all have their say

In sickness in health in joy or despair

The joy of true family love is solidly there.


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All treasures do not glisten

Like jewels or shining gold

Some are very simple

And very frail to hold

Others cannot be held by the hand

Only in the mind

Like a treasured word

Or special scene

Perhaps a gesture that was kind

Materials treasurers give satisfaction

To those who must possess

But very often its those with nought

The most personal treasures are blessed.treasure 2

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Our Trip to Oxford, last year by Steam Train…


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lichfield road

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Cup of Tea

cup of tea​Oh what a thing is a cup of tea
A joy forever for you and me
Friends call in the greetings done
The next thing is, shall I make you one
Yes a cup of tea our life apart
In all we do from a new day start
Its drunk in china its drunk in a mug
Brewed in a tin can pots or a jug
Birthdays weddings time of grief
All find time for this small brown leaf
Its laced with whiskey laced with gin
Posh folks drink with cocked finger a cup thin
In bottle and flask its took to work
Men sometimes strike for a tea break perk
Picnic banquet houses big and small
With its different flavours its there for all
You pull your face at a paper cup
But still with relish its brew you sup
Give blood sick in bed at times like this
Many gallons are med
Peace time war its always there
Remember the NAAFI wagon its load to bear
Salvation Army has spread its fame
By giving a brew to the homeless and lame
A speech is made the throat is dry
The first thing we do is to teapot fly
The gardens the odd job done
By housewives bribery of ‘darling the teapots on’
Yes this special thing of letters three
Has made its mark in history
So drink your brew of special choice
Its a part of life that ‘ay arf nice’
Aer Reg

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an update on watling st

it was a winters day in the summer the snow was raining fast the sun shon on the crown the monkey climed the pear tree and the white horse kicked him down the prince of wales loft his socks off as the goat came dashing by mrs doody looked on in wunder and all newtown shouted with joy rule brittania two tanners mek a bob three mek one and six and four two bob the qeens head was not amussed

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Brownhills Carnival

Brownhills Carnival

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Two side of Are Reg a old book of Grandads poems, kindly uploaded by ‘Brownhills Bob’

Two side of Are Reg a old book of Grandads poems, kindly uploaded by ‘Brownhills Bob’

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